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Meet Dr. Rick Nyhan

A Life-Changing Event

Dr. Rick Nyhan and his wife MichelleDr. Rick was comfortably established in a long-standing business career in customer service when his son injured his lower back while serving in the Air Force. The first – and only – treatment approach was, as Dr. Rick says, “to go in and cut.” The surgery was not a success, and his son suffered a high level of pain for years.

His son’s injury and the debilitating aftermath steered Dr. Rick away from his business career, and toward chiropractic care as a profession. As he puts it, “I wanted to give something back, to help people with spine-related problems achieve health without surgery. I also wanted to do my part to prevent what happened to my son from happening to anyone else.”

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Rick and his wife Michelle recently moved to the Pacific Northwest. A true partner in life to Dr. Rick, Michelle is actively involved in It’s An Adjustment Chiropractic.

While they have lived in a number of places over the years, mostly tied to Dr. Rick’s business career, the move to the Pacific Northwest, with its spectacular beauty, was the first time they moved to a place where they “really wanted to be.” They love the area and are having a lot of fun exploring all that it has to offer.

Having spent time in Dallas while attending Parker University, Dr. Rick loves Texas-style barbeque (the process of hot-smoking meat slowly, on low heat) and would be delighted to hear from his practice members about places in the Vancouver area that serve food in that style.

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